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‘The Dulwich Notebook’, published in 2015, focuses on one of South London's hidden gems, the home of the first purpose-built art gallery in the world, of famous schools and of an unprecedented number of open spaces.


Local historians have written a great deal about Dulwich and the Dulwich Society has investigated many aspects of this fascinating London village. However, Your London Publishing has produced a colourful and informative volume about Dulwich as it is now – both heritage neighbourhood and lively modern suburb.


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‘This is a handsome and comprehensive volume: Dulwich in all its facets, in one ‘huge’ snapshot.

It’s arty in the best meaning of the word: beautifully presented … it is surely destined to grace many a coffee table in Dulwich and beyond.’

John Turpin in Camberwell Quarterly, Winter 2015/2016


‘Old and new are juxtaposed to highlight change and continuity … a popular account, superbly produced and offered for sale at a remarkably low price …’

Bernard Nurse in The Dulwich Society Journal, Winter 2015


'There is a vast amount of information here, yet it is written, organised and presented in such a way that anyone can happily and easily go through the pages sequentially, or can choose to use the index to find any item of special interest ...

The excellent photographs by Torla Evans (Head of Photography at the Museum of London until 2013) not only complement the text, but also add extra context to it, helping to enhance the reader's journey through Dulwich's past and present.'

Richard Gilpin in the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society Newsletter, May 2016


'The photographs by Torla Evans, commissioned for the book, are excellent as is the selection of historic images, many of which will be unfamiliar. The Dulwich Notebook is an admirably complete account of Dulwich past and present ... and for a book produced to such high standards its price represents outstanding value.'

Laurence Marsh in the The London Topographical Newsletter, Spring 2016


'As a new type of local history book, The Dulwich Notebook is highly recommended.  Lavishly illustrated with many interesting perspectives on the life and character of Dulwich, it takes its place as one of the top London books.'


Alexander Werner

Head of History Collections, The Museum of London



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