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Did you know the Tate Gallery started in Streatham? Did you know the largest theatre outside the West End is in Streatham? Did you know one of this country’s best loved architects built his largest house in Streatham? And that one of London’s most dedicated painters lives and works in Streatham right now? Answers to these questions and many more in The Streatham Sketchbook.



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Your London Publishing is taking part in Lambeth Local History Fair on Saturday 2 September between 10.30 am and 4.30 pm. It will be held in St Leonard’s Church in Streatham. This promises to be a lively event with tours of the church – including its memorable crypt – and talks. Check the full programme here.  

Jiro Osuga exhibits mostly in London and New York but a new book places him firmly in his living/working context: Streatham.


Come to the Horse & Groom on Streatham High Road. You will be amazed by the exhibition and there you can also catch up with The Streatham Sketchbook. Like The Dulwich Notebook by the same publisher, it will soon take its place as ‘one of the top London books’.


The Streatham Sketchbook will make you proud of being a Londoner and of living in Streatham in particular.


SPECIAL ACTIVITY: a quiz! for grown-ups and families.

The Streatham Sketchbook: published 1st July 2017

Lambeth Local History Fair

Special Event: ‘A Dulwich Adventure’

The Dulwich Notebook: published 1st October 2015

Pub Jiro - Artist takes over the Horse and Groom

A Dulwich Adventure, a special event relating to The Dulwich Notebook was held on 9th November 2015 at the Old Library in Dulwich College.


Speakers were: Paul Fletcher and Dr Jan Piggot from Dulwich College; Dr Cathy Ross, Honorary Research Fellow, the Museum of London; Ingrid Beazley RSA, and Mireille Galinou, the author of The Dulwich Notebook.  A short film by Leo Crane The Lost Romance of Elizabeth Linley was also screened.



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1st July - 9th July 2017, 12.00 to 6.00 pm  The Horse & Groom, 60 Streatham High Road, London SW16 1DA  

Part of Streatham Festival 2017  


Special event:  Guided visit to the studio of painter Jiro Osuga

The visit will be split into three parts:  

  • An introduction to Jiro within the context of London painting by Mireille Galinou, former curator of paintings at the Museum of London  

  • A 'painting experiment' in Jiro's studio  

  • Short presentation on the 'Streatham Sketchbook'


Refreshments will be provided.  Cost: £20.00 which includes a copy of The Streatham Sketchbook, co-written by Jiro and Mireille, and which retails at £17.99.


Number of places limited - early booking is recommended.

This is a rare opportunity to catch up with one of London's most gifted interpreters of modern life.  Jiro's ability to observe his immediate environment as well as himself makes him uniquely placed to capturing life in the 21st century.

Special event, 6 November 2019 :  The Artist in the City - in collaboration with Guildhall Art Gallery

When: Thursday 23 November 2017 between 6.30 and 9 pm

Where:  Streatham (instructions will be sent with ticket)

Five established artists respond in radically different ways to London, the city where they live. Love it or hate it what should we make of it?

In the City 2017


FREE EVENT (but Booking Essential)


A collaboration between Guildhall Art Gallery and Your London Publishing. Pre-booking essential (via Eventbrite).


WHEN Wednesday 6 November 2019, 2.00 – 4.30 p.m. (incl. tea break)


WHERE John Stow room, Guildhall Library, Aldermanbury, EC2V 7HH


TO BOOK, click here  




1. South London: David HEPHER sees London as slowly sinking into a housing crisis.


2. East London: Ferha FAROOQUI depicts London as a series of endangered neighbourhoods.


3. North London: Timothy HYMAN RA has embraced the panorama format but has powerful visions of the destruction of London.


4. Photographer Hannah STARKEY this year’s artist in residence at Guildhall Art Gallery will share her session with Elizabeth Scott, Principal Curator at Guildhall Art Gallery, the organiser of the current ‘Architecture of London’ exhibition.


5. West London: Ben JOHNSON sees architecture and cities, including London, as pristine environments.

Chaired by Alex Werner (Head of Collections at the Museum of London) and organised by Mireille Galinou (founder of Your London Publishing and former Curator of Paintings at the Museum of London).


Dr Cathy Ross, former Director of Collections and Learning at the Museum of London will present London as a series of artists’ quarters. Each artist will be introduced by a short AV presentation. And each artist will also be interviewed and invited to talk us through one of their favourite works.


POST MORTEM – THE ARTIST IN THE CITY 6 November 2019 - in collaboration with Guildhall Art Gallery


This event was fully booked (70), though there is always a drop-out rate with free events – unfortunate when you have to turn people away, which we did.


The programme was wide-ranging, looking at individual artists and the impact of the artistic community on London’s neighbourhoods, then as now.


So … it was a rich, fast-paced afternoon. The evaluation forms we collected were extremely encouraging: ‘Excellent’, ‘Insightful’, Inspirational’, ‘Fascinating’, ‘Very interesting mix of history and contemporary’.


One person on the attendance list took the time to write an email to the organisers:

"Congratulations on very slick timing. So many conferences I attend run seriously over time. Cathy’s introductions were so good and the trick of having Alex line up some questions for each [artist] contributor was something to be copied at similar events. Unfortunately, questions from the audience tend only to be heard by those in the rows in front of them … so we missed a bit."


The idea of the Artist in the City is so interesting and multi-faceted that we hope we can re-visit this theme in the not too distant future. If you would like to be kept informed, please register on the Homepage to receive occasional news.

IMG_0426 Ben Johnson's Trafalgar Square


Front line (left to right): Elizabeth Scott (Guildhall Art Gallery), Hannah Starkey (photographer & the City of London's first artist in residence), Dr Cathy Ross (Museum of London), Mireille Galinou (Your London Publishing), Ferha Farooqui (painter), Alex Werner (Museum of London).

Back row (left to right): David Hepher (painter), Timothy Hyman RA (painter).

Below: Ben Johnson (painter) was an important contributor to the day, but, inexplicably, is not included in the line-up. Apologies ...